Hi, I'm Allyson.

I'm an emotions teacher, writer, therapist in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, but you might also call me:

  • a fear tamer,

  • a heart mender,

  • a dream whisperer.

I'm a born emotional adventurer. I love to talk with people about life, family, pain, heartache, love, confusion, loss, all the things people carry inside - including purpose and meaning and pretty much all the big and little things they think about.

Like so many others I grew up in a family that didn't know how to handle emotional pain or conflict, and kept a lot of secrets. But I learned that people never stop longing to break down the walls of silence and loneliness. And I know the importance of finally telling your story, feeling understood, and healing old wounds. 

I have one aim with my work: to support and nurture your wellbeing and your dreams - and I believe you have the courage and resilience to commit to this journey.

I love when people live emotionally engaged, bold, authentic lives, in alignment with their true selves.  I want you to be so much you - that when others are in your presence it's contagious. 

I know from 15 years experience helping people break through fear and self-sabotage, that a commitment to yourself and the willingness to unlock the truth of who you are transforms lives and changes the world.

If you need a teammate-sidekick-guide to help bring your life alive, contact me, and let's get started.


My work is based on depth psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. I have an M.Ed. in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling, and have been in practice since 2005.

Previous work: clinician at the Brien Center, Child & Adolescent Services, Pittsfield, MA, and the Brien Center, Mental Health Services, Great Barrington, MA.