It hurts not to feel understood.

If you're someone who's always wrestled with emotions and tried to numb or deny them. Or they easily overwhelm you and cause strong reactions ...

If you feel like no matter what you do, it's never good enough ...

If you're lonely or stressed out - and wish someone would listen and help with what's going on with you ...

We should talk.

 I specialize in emotions, emotional neglect, and relationships. And I love helping brainy creatives, people in life transition, seekers, and high-achievers—feel like someone gets them, overcome shame and fear of feelings, stop sabotaging relationships, and start living authentic, connected, and fully engaged lives!

What I love most about my work: creating a safe space for emotions, tackling hard topics, making them less scary, and caring about what it's like to be you.



Does it seem like everything is disappointing, frustrating, or the repeat of an old pattern? Are you stuck in certain relationships, avoidant, or tired of feeling anxious, criticized, or alone?

I can help you:

  • feel understood

  • demystify problem areas

  • start feeling lighter, hopeful, and happier

  • develop the emotion and communication skills for a life-time of self-compassion, connection, and meaning.

If you feel like your wellbeing and relationships are in trouble, and the pain is telling you to seek help - maybe it's time. Your happiness is worth reaching out.



Are you starting a relationship, trying to fix the one you're in, or recently broken up and still hurting? If you feel disconnected, anxious, or stressed out with your partner, or need help figuring out why you get stuck in the same old patterns and fights, couples counseling help you start healing pain and begin connecting more deeply with each other.

The best relationships reflect a couple's need for security and dependability and the need for excitement, attraction, and play! I help people reconnect emotionally, feel understood, and deepen their love, desire, and support for each other.

If you seriously want the spark back in your marriage, I'm here to help.



Are you a parent with a child that's struggling? Having trouble relating to your kids? Confused about how to communicate with this suddenly angry or withdrawn teenager in your home? Parenting can be a minefield of difficult emotions, and often triggering for many people. Reach out for support when you and your family are dealing with stress, anger, communication, boundaries, power struggles, and more.



My style is accepting, warm, and compassionate and I talk like a regular person. I also make every effort to create an environment of safety and trust. (Plus I like to laugh.) I use my training and life experiences along with a mindfulness approach, and place the highest value on understanding, kindness, and building relationships.

Email me.


One-to-one: $150 / 60 - minute session. 

Couples:  $225 / 90 - minute session.

I'm not a provider for insurance panels.

Listen to your own voice, your own soul. Too many people listen to the noise of the world, instead of themselves. - Leon Brown